• Seamoss
  • Seamoss

Sea Moss is an herb containing 92 of 102 minerals the body needs. It is also rich in Iron and magnesium. Its abundance of minerals and nutrients aid in nourishing the whole cellular system. This herb is known to improve gut health, the immune system, reproductive system, and due to its anti-inflammatory properties it helps with inflammation. It's also very good for the skin. It's known as a natural collagen. This herb is in raw form, so you can make it into a gel, powder, or even capsules.
*1oz Seamoss makes approximately 16 oz gel
* 2oz Seamoss makes approximately 32 oz of gel.

How to make gel?
1- Soak Seamoss in natural spring or distilled water for 8-24 hrs or boil on low heat until Seamoss has expanded
2- Blend Seamoss
For every oz of Seamoss add 3 cups of spring water or distilled water.
3- Add to jar to store in the refrigerator and enjoy!

Take 2-3 tbs daily raw, a in smoothie, tea, or however you prefer!

* Seamoss last 3 week refrigerated and 6 week in the freezer.